Volunteering through European Solidarity Corps

Charlottendal has begun hosting volunteers through the European Solidarity Corps (ESC) programme in 2018. At the moment volunteers are hosted by the  Transition in Järna NGO (Omställning Järna.  Work at the farm includes taking care of animals, gardening, building and seasonal farm work such as hay collection. Lately some volunteers have also participated with the daily life at the Lilla Bullerbyn kindergarten.

The first volunteers staying here participated in building a new log house as a base of operations for current and future volunteers. There are also opportunities to participate in organising courses and events at the farm. In addition to work at Charlottendal volunteers have also cooperated with other local actors in Järna such as Nibble farm and the Under Tallarna, CSA, community supported agriculture project. This gave inspiration creating our own forest garden project, planting hundreds of trees and bushes on  a previous grazing field. This mix of activities allows volunteers to try many different things during their stay with us, while learning about environmental issues, permaculture and community life. Take a look at the building process at the base at Charlottendal:

For a more detailed description and photos, see: Building the Base 2018 (in Swedish). You can find out more about Transition in Järna on their website or on the European Youth Portal. To learn more about ESC and other volunteering opportunities in Europe, click here.

Building of the volunteer Base supported by Leader           


ESC  Project supported by EU: